Desire paradox

A new and eager recruit approached the master and asked” Sir How can I attain holiness”.

“Open your heart wide and then follow its bidding. Go unreservedly, where it takes you.” Master replied.

“If I really did that and applied myself thoroughly how long do you think it will take to get there” He was curious to know.

The Master looked at his earnest face and replied , “Ten years.”

The student probed further, “Master what if I am really sincere and give myself totally up to it, then how long do you think it will take”

“With that kind of diligence, twenty years” Mater Replied.

The student was shocked at this. “I dont think you understood my query, Sir. If I really, really worked at it, how long will it take then?”

“O in that case, Thirty years,” the Master replied.

The student was crestfallen.” Master each time I say I will work really hard you increase the time frame, why is that?”

“That math is simple, my boy. The greater the intensity you want to achieve holiness with, more time it will take for you to let go of that desire” The master replied.

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