Dear Reason

Dear Reason,

Your request for using you was duly received.

We would like to inform you that at this moment though, we are unable to grant it. The reasons for such denial are both individualistic as well as systemic and are stated as under:

Individualistic Challenges:

1) At an individual level we are guided by our passions and our prejudices. Those traits are readily available to our decision-making systems as they were outfitted by the mechanism of evolution. To abandon that default mode and to choose you, takes personal effort which as a routine, is extremely hard to do.
2) Unfortunately our cognitive mechanism is buggy with lots of embedded errors. These errors are in twin areas of: cognitive biases and logical fallacies. To use you, we have to close these innate loopholes, which again demands precious budgets of time and effort.

Systemic Challenges:

3) Schools and Colleges who have been tasked with imparting instructions in your usage, have instead deviated to train our young, on rote and dogma. This results in generations of kids growing up in rational darkness.
4) Media whose responsibility it is to represent you to adults, has instead chosen to focus on sensationalism, thus ensuring that adults will also not have you as a reference point in their world view, any-time soon.
5) Existing power centers and powers to be, inflame the collective with rhetoric and as you are aware, with mobs and crowds, your usage is the exception which proves the madness rule.

So dear reason, as you can see odds are heavily stacked against your universal usage.However you will be happy to note that we will continue to accord you our full lip service and unfailingly cite you as the guiding rationale behind all our public policies and private actions.

You have,as always, our kindest regards,

People of the World.

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