Dear Marketer

I am not buying that new big car, excellent pool facing house, farm land, summer house in hills or any other big ticket item because we have managed to sign a non-compete agreement within our friends circle. I have no need for any new plasma TV, Xbox, double door refrigerator, home theater system or that new enhanced RO plant for I am very last generation guy. In fact I buy Iphone 4 at reduced prices when market is lapping up new Iphone 6 plus, at full cost.

No please do not bother about my finances as I am too broke to sign up for your zero fees credit card, reduced interest personal loan, easy mortgage scheme, family insurance plan or that wonderful mutual fund option. Membership of your club, five star hotel, gymnasium, loyalty schemes, gaming areas are also lost on me as I am just a morning walk enthusiast. I am also not traveling out of country, out of city … in fact I am not even planning to venture out of my neighborhood anytime soon.

No I do not need to learn english, achieve self actualization, be more successful, practice leadership or be coached in achieving healthy self esteem. I know I am not perfect but strangely my imperfection does not bother me much.

I also do not feel urged to join your political party, imbibe your doctrine, propagate your ideas, distribute your literature, out-argue your critics or even vote for your candidate. I know my politics and I believe that anything that kills species, destroys environment, promotes inequality, divides society is harmful and should be avoided. This is very different from what you want to tell me about this world.

LastIy, I have been able to find my God, please him and negotiate a peace with him, hence will not need salvaging. Therefore I do not need to join your cult, hear your preacher, subscribe to its rituals or donate to the charities that you believe are our shared burden.

So dear marketer, I know you really care about me but unfortunately I do not fit into your Big Data patterns. Please be kind enough to take me off your calling/mailing lists. I know the loss is entirely mine but I will learn to live with it.

Warm Regards,
Aware Consumer

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