Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I am leaving you and going to my mothers. I am also taking Neha and Sunder with me. As you find this note of our departure I know you will be outraged. You will rant about my insensitivity to all of our friends, as you will also post on Facebook your unhappy unshaven pics, your feeling low status updates, your life is unfair and women are bitches quotes.

The irony is that in all this drama that you will create, you will not miss us. It will not be our departure but its optics and self centered analytics, that will bother you. You will be more concerned about how your food will be laid out, how your shirts will be ironed and how the roses in our garden that you proudly display to everyone, will be watered. You will not be bothered if your kids will have to travel longer now, from my mothers to their school, but that you cannot show off their good grades to everyone as also how concerned a father you are.

I do not expect you to understand, but for once I want to tell you what a douche you are, who cannot see beyond his self obsession. Like the mythical narcissus you are only in love with your own self image. Our family, kids, house, car are all mere trophies to make you look good in your own estimation and in front of others. You would not even give money to a beggar if no one was watching you.

You might not know but the amount of selfies you click and post, the conversations you monopolize, the set of social climbers you like to be seen with, all the celebrities you try to get clicked with showcases just how sick you are. On occasions, I have tried to point these out to you, you have silenced me by saying that you deserve a good life and all the adulation because you have very high self-esteem. People who have healthy esteem do not just want admiration from others. They also look for meaningful connect and emotional intimacy. Do you even have one friend who you can really call a friend? Do you even know what real emotions are like? If I were to tell you I am feeling down you would probably ask if dinner is still at 8.30.

However I have also myself to blame for letting you continue like this for so long. That you were so charming and so strong blinded me to your real shriveled inner self. Even when I realized something was missing, I kept thinking you will change and my love and surrender will make you feel loved, fill up the gaps you have, humanize you enough to love me back. You have not changed but I had to become wiser.

Needless to say do not try to call me or ask me to come back. I refuse to be the doormat to your fantasy world anymore. The only chance you have to get your family back is if you undergo therapy with a psychologist for your NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) and s/he certifies, that you are now a normal human being and not an emotional vampire.

Someone who refuses to be called,

Your Wife

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