Dear Humans

Dear Humans,

I write to you with lot of anguish and hurt about the biodiversity loss that you have been causing me.

As you know I evolve species using my process of evolution by natural selection and then let them have a play till they enrich the source code of all life. When their utility to big gene pool is done I withdraw them. I have introduced over 5 billion species till now and removed almost 99% of them over last 4.6 Billion years. My entry and exits for those species are timed to coincide with maintaining the regenerative capacity I have and the overall ecological balance.

Currently from my side there are about 13.5 million species out there (viruses/plants/marine and terrestrial life) who are coexisting.

Now because you have expanded your population and set up your ideologies where greed is considered good, you are continuously upsetting the balance I maintain. You have been exploitative of your fellow specie in relentlessly poaching them, changing and polluting their habitat conditions, even shrinking it to large extent. Are you aware that in last 40 years the wildlife population has gone down by 50%. This means there are only half of the animals left in the wild now as compared to what existed about 40 years ago.

Let me give you few egregious examples of your predation with some numbers that I have tracked. The numbers I am citing are current numbers left of these big vertebrate species

Mountain Gorilla : 880
Panda: 1864 up from 1000
Tiger: 4000 from 40,000
Cheetah: 10,000 from 100,000
Rhino: 29,000 from 70,000
Lion: 32,000 from 300,000
Giraffe: 80,000 from 140,000
Elephants: 450,000 from 5 million
Humans: 7.3 billion up from 4 billion

So you are increasing your population and decreasing everyone elses.

You know I am not meant to be your personal fiefdom but am actually a closed system that regulates the specie numbers and overall bio diversity to ensure continuity of the complete ecological cycle. However with the mess you are causing, you now need 1.5 earth to absorb the carbon and recycle the waste you are producing. Couple this with the bio diversity loss as above, you are narrowing down my channels of introducing oxygen and nutrient recycling into the system. So on one hand you are poisoning me and on the other, removing my capacity to process that toxicity.

Are you aware that even by your own monetary standards the entire ecosystem produces 36 Trillion USD worth of services ( cleaning and recycling) which is double of your entire human value production. So to produce the value that you do, you are destroying its double and you call yourself the wise one ( Homo Sapien).

Anyway, I am emotionally and physically exhausted now. I am writing in to warn you that I will not be able to hold things together much longer. If you really want to see your next generations flourish do a major course correction in your consumption now and dial down your greed considerably. If not, I will be forced to shut down this planet and move on.

The ball, as they say on a tennis court, is in your court.

Mother Nature.

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