Dear Death

Dear Death,

I wanted to write sooner however last decade was hectic. My workload has increased in having to attract humans towards me and away from their screens.

However here is me making amends and writing in.

Let me start by apologizing for constant mistreatment you get from the human race. You are, reviled, feared, avoided and misunderstood. I now know, how lonely that feels.

On your behalf I explain to them though, that our creator, The Universe, made us as a pair, to fulfill its objective of realizing itself, through various forms. The human form when a child, opens a unique window to the universal stage show. However as it ages, their view points lose its charisma, become repetitive and thus stop to contribute to our creators objective of self realization. It is then that they must be removed by you, to bring in a fresh lot, for opening up more unique windows.

Without realizing that it is a relay event where I must pass from one to another, they try to retain me, capture me, own me. Somehow their culture also indoctrinates them with the idea that longer they hold on to me happier they can be as individuals; and you who is my rescuer and my liberator, is thus viewed as an enemy.

I constantly tell them that a new dimension opens up for them when they accept my relation with you. It liberates them first to be totally present with me and then to uncomplainingly go with you. I remind them that a happy race would celebrate for you as much they do for me and would prepare for your arrival as they do for mine. Only a sick race would cling to one and try to avoid the other.

Anyways, will try and do a better job of communicating this as currently I seem to be badly losing the PR battle.

Meanwhile you take care of yourself and we will have our silent handshake again when you come to release me from the next form.

Respect and regards

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