Daily Life Affirmations

New age self help gurus, while counselling people, cite a time frame of 21 days for any new habit formation. This advice is usually based on findings in Maxwell Maltz’s book Psycho-Cybernetics which was published in 1960. Phillippa Lally a health psychology researcher at University College London, has recently proved this timeframe to be inadequate for stable results and has suggested a more realistic tenure of 66 days.

Thus the new science research says, based on task complexity and effort intensity, any new behavior can be incorporated as automatic, in 50-70 days of daily practice.

So to open up to life’s possibilities and invite more of them into your time, make these 7 affirmations for about two months. Prescribed dosage is once in morning and once in evening. Find out if at the end of two months they make you feel different about your life. Here then are the said affirmations:

1) I take chances on myself by placing bigger bets.

2) I put myself repeatedly in path of oncoming life.

3) I do one new thing every day.

4) I rely more on my intuitive wisdom than on my minds advise.

5) I express my emotions at least 2-3 times every day.

6) I count at least 30 conscious breaths daily.

7) I listen more to my body than to my mental voice.

The acronym to easily recall these affirmations is: CENT WEBB (Chances/Engagement/New Thing) ( Wisdom/ Emotions/ Breath/Body).

The results will be deeper if while repeating the words you use your imagination to add visuals to them as well.

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