Courageous Living

Bravery is a one-off heroic act that is performed in a dangerous situation.

Courage however is institutionalized bravery. It is bravery that has found home in day to day routine actions. In short, Courage is bravery at its grassroots level.

So how do the courageous live?

Here is my 7 point checklist of courageous living. People who are courageous:

1) Follow their passions and their dreams.
2) Assert their rights and their boundaries.
3) Speak their values and act upon what they speak
4) Take decisions and stay rooted when challenged.
5) Walk away from negative situations and people.
6) Walk towards their fears and difficult conversations as they chase personal growth.
7) Open their hearts wide to feel pains and travails of living.

Courageous living is not an easy life though it is true living.

It is not easy because it results in frequent conflicts and often costs riches and relationships. However it is true living because it leads to being your own authentic person and feeling fully alive.

The fact is: Courageous people live their life while fearful people live their death.

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