Century Partnership

No body knew masters real age. Whenever the discussion came up master would say it is not age but how you age, that matters.

Kitchen fireside estimations put it at around 70 until one day somebody in the open forum asked master pointedly about it.

“I am gong to be 80 soon”. Master replied.

Monks, ascetics and assembled students were surprised. Master did not look that old. He was still nimble on his feet, deft with his skills and energetic in his bearing.

Anticipating this response master inquired “now I suppose you would want to know how do I look so fit”.

“Yes sir if you can enlighten us” was almost a chorus.

“You see I have cracked the formula for long living or longevity. It is a simple formula and if you practice it, hundred is just another accounting number”.

“Master however is it not, that our living expectancy is largely related to how long our parents lived” someone was either sceptical of formulas or believer in genetic destinies.

“Well that is true only in a very small part. Think, if it was universally true, we would live only till average life span of our ancestors which was generally around 30-40. So no, our longevity is dependent more on the observance of the formula than our clan age averages”.

“What is that formula then master, please do tell”. A voice from the corner articulated what everyone wanted to know.

“If I can drill the formula down to one word it would be Simplicity. Notice we live in our daily routines. Simpler the activities that compose those routines are, more we are in alignment with life and larger is its span. “ Master started to explain.

“However to practice this simplicity, you must simplify four parts of your daily routines. Call this process, Designing an Organic Lifestyle”.

First part of organic lifestyle or OL is diet. In terms of quality, eat plant based diet as much as possible. Avoid artificial diet plans, eschew processing of food items and try eating raw what nature produces. For quantity of intake the rhyme is; lesser you eat longer you live.

Second part of OL is physical movement. Incorporate daily physical activity in your normal routine. Walk, climb, squat as much as you can or play the games you enjoy. You do not need any fancy exercise routines for fitness. Look around, you will never find any other animal exercising except for us. So devise daily routines where physical movement is plenty and organic.

Third component of OL is connect to community. In simplifying this variable, first filter your social circle from negative people and energy vampires. Others who are simple in habits and outlooks are your best companions. Having managed quality now in terms of quantity keep them close for life. Go long on them and share your life and routines together as much as you can”.

So saying the master paused. These pauses were when master assessed if assembly was with him or if he needed to rewind and clarify his discourse. However looking at the intense glare of people he surmised his message was clear to everyone, so he continued

“Lastly reinvigorate the connect with outer and inner universe daily. Bring sacred to your life by operationalising your bigger outer connect actively ( be it your God, nature or universe in any other form). Bring purpose to your life by listening to your inner self and clarifying the meaning of your being. So create space in your routine to somehow downshift, mediate or pray everyday.

Once you simplify these four variables your daily routines will become natural and organic. Age then will be just a number and hopefully not a two digit one.” Master concluded.

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