Catfish effect

In Norway, live sardines were highly prized for their texture and flavor and commanded a premium on their price.

Now fishing vessels as they sailed out in hunt of sardines had a challenge.Those that stayed near the shore could bring in live fish however could manage only a limited catch.

Those that ventured out to high seas, had to have freezers installed to preserve the catch as they brought it back days later. However frozen fish lost their feel and thus commended a low price.

This situation continued until someone had a brilliant idea of installing fish tank in the high sea vessels. Now the sardines could be caught and kept in the tank till they came back to shore thus ensuring live fish.

However this scheme ran into problems because the fishes became less active in the tank and sedentary fishes again did not taste the same.

Then one day a shipmaster discovered a trick which could not be bettered. As the sardines were put in the fish tank a predator catfish was also put in.

It ate couple of sardines while the rest kept running around and stayed well active till the time they reached the shore. Thus live fishes were brought in and they commanded a premium price.

The art of keeping beings alive, active and striving by introducing competition in peer groups, has since come to be known as the catfish effect.

Materialism and Consumerism thrive on this effect as does most modern politics. The beauty with humans is that the fish that you need to introduce to make them come alive, does not even have to be any life threatening predator. It can be just be an idea which seems real (capitalism/nationalism).

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