#Bethechild Day 2

Today was a tough day for #bethechild challenge. The micro actions did not flow as they did on day 1 and had to kind of remind myself couple of times to get them going and also had to replace one action ( of getting wet in rain) with being content on watching the raindrops . Anyways the 5 micro actions for day 2 challenge of #bethechild were :

1)    Feel Hunger.
Before I gave food to someone hungry, I wanted to experience how hunger actually felt. Though I knew my experience was subsidized by the assurance that I could eat whenever I wanted to so in that sense I would not know desperation that hunger brings when coupled with uncertainty of next meal, still the sensation of hunger was a start. Skipping a meal and staying hungry for about 8 hours, I felt stomach tremors, unwavering focus on food, a persistent want to end it and bite into something, the burning sensation. Let me stop here before it gets gory. I think overall now I consciously know how hunger feels and will be able to relate better to next hungry person I meet. ( an adult moment: almost 1 billion people go to bed hungry every night)

2)    Say Hi to a security guard in a mall and talk to him/her for a while.
Said hello to 3 guards at the mall today. Made one of them laugh when I checked if I had to surrender the toy gun I had bought for my son today.  Tough he clarified it wasn’t required, much to the amusement of my son and two other guards who had joined in, I continued to clarify to them that how I had no problem in case they wanted to impound it.

3)    Watch the symphony of wiper and rain drops on wind-screen
Taking a cue from my son, watched the big and small drops of rain falling on the windscreen, getting swiped out and then falling again. They were playing a numbers game. Also drove for a while without wiping the screen, to experience watching the road through a clouded screen. It was also interesting to watch the wiper speed vary from fast to slow to super fast with the speed of oncoming rain.  It almost felt like a dance that they were together into.

4)    Buy two 500 ml Coke bottles and drain them down the sink.
This is bane of any kids health and an obesity contributor to boot. I registered my childish protest against this liquid poison, by buying two bottles of half liter coke and draining them away. Though no one watched me do that but the smirk from my face did not recede for some time. Since we are at it, Farhan Akthar you are doing great work for promoting women’s rights and gender equality, however shame on you for promoting a chemicals infested cocktail called Coke Zero. Do you even realize what you are asking people to drink ( Exhale !!! Moment of Adult Sensibilities over).

5)    Do 3 sets of10  connected breaths each ( no gap between inhalation and exhalation)
Used to doing stretches of connected breath-work when I did the “The Presence Process” exercises based on Michael Brown’s book, couple of years back, but was out of practice now.  The 3 sets of 10 connected breaths today were energizing , though had to count the breath on fingers, to hold the mind from taking its customary random walk.

To #bethechild today was hard work. Hmm….

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