#BeTheChild Day 1

My agenda of micro-actions for day 1 of #bethechild challenge was:

  1. Smile at a stranger on a traffic-light.
  2. Drop a coin where a child can find it.
  3. Slow down to let at least 5 cars overtake me.
  4. Call someone not on my speed dial just to say hello.
  5. Say a silent prayer for someone I know, who is suffering.

This is how #bethechild moments of day 1 panned out:

1)      Tried 2-3 traffic light to catch someone’s eye but nobody would look up. People seemed busy in their mental worlds. Finally on Dnd Flyway, going towards Noida, NCR a scooter was passing by with two kids ( a boy approx 10 and a girl about 12 years) riding pillion with their father. They were coming back from school and excitedly looking around. I caught the boys eye and smiled. He just kept looking at me. Bewildered and bemused. I also held on to my smile. The moment was brief and it passed as did our paths. Later I caught myself thinking was he also on verge of smiling as we departed.

2)      I decided to drop not 1 but 10-12 coins for kids. The idea was to ensure that at least some are found( as some can get lost too). Within a distance of 2 kms I dropped them intermittently, ensuring they did not land in any puddles on road. Later I, was thinking will people who find it think it was their lucky day. Will they think it was a sign that they were looking out for or a sign that someone is looking out for them. Did some kid find his shoe money or did someone ( if an adult picked it up) a sliver of hope. Hmm….the moments of dropping the coins and the moment of contemplation of their ripples.

3)      Third micro action was to slow down while driving and when I slowed down, I had to change lanes. To drive slow was so much fun that I drove for almost a km and let not 5, but at least 100 cars, pass up. To see people rushing past was fun as to imagine where they might be headed to. Also at least 50 two wheelers passed me by. Alongside I rolled down the window of the car and intermittently closed eyes to feel the cold breeze on face ( it was overcast and windy) .

4)      Called a lawyer friend to say hello but phone was not answered (must be in court). I dropped a text saying just wanted to say hello and if we could meet next week. Meeting tentatively confirmed.

5)      One of Uncles is in bad shape and I said a small prayer to alleviate his pain. Whoever hears those prayers, I wanted to give them a choice so I added a footnote to my prayer saying, in case you are not able to lessen his suffering, you can give him strength to bear it resolutely. Will that make a difference, I do not know. Did it feel good. Yes it did.

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