#bethechild challenge Day 3

Today was even tougher to be in #bethechild mode for the routine kept intervening and had to push to complete the designated actions of today.

Ok then the 5 micro actions for today were:

1)      Feed Hungry People
I wanted to take some fruits to give to people who might be hungry but then decided against it. This is because I have done that in past and this time I wanted to do something different so I bought chocolates. I thought of giving chocolates to kids on road not because it will appease their hunger but because this is something they will not usually get to eat and hence will bring a smile to their lips. In fact no sooner had I distributed them I found the kids sitting in a huddle, hungrily devouring them. Their mirth was visible and I thought of clicking them for the post but then decided against losing that moment by clicking it ( It is a psychological truism that more we are involved in recording a moment less we enjoy it and remember it)

2)      Wild Dancing
Normally not given to clubbing I decided to do it and let myself loose. Danced for almost like an hour to electronic loopy music and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was hot and sweaty but the fun was in not being contained by it. Felt so hungry by the end of it that came back at 2.00 am to have a full meal. Hmm….night fun.

3)      Singing in Shower:
Since rain gods seem to have taken a commercial break so had no choice but treat shower as surrogate rain and sing at top of voice in it. Son came knocking to find out if this wildness was temporary or was the insanity settling in. Between assurance and ablution I completed singing 3 songs. It was wild fun and was smiling for quite some time at the ruckus created.

4)      Talking with a Street Dog
Met Danny near our house as he came to relieve himself by my car. First I admonished him for improper behavior and then looking at his brown face and round eyes decided to give him benefit of doubt. Since he did not tell me his name so I named him danny and had a 5 minute conversation with him about being a child. I told him all about my micro actions and that I was being childlike. He kept listening intently and then kept wagging his tail as though he was asking why is it so difficult being a child. Later as he ran away, I thought he expected some kind of reward for his rapt attention but I had none on me then. Sorry buddy, next time.

5)      Blessing people in a crowd.
Stood at a corner in a mall and silently kept blessing people who crossed my vision. They were all kinds: young and old, robust and disabled, sauntrers and  hurries, girls in their prime, boys with their pump, locals and foreigners, raw and refined and I kept wishing them good health and cheer as they kept passing by. This was for almost 10 minutes and I must have blessed at least 100-150 people ( maybe more). I wallowed in the joy which remained with me for quite some time after that.

Overall as I finish the #bethechild challenge I know I feel a little more, connect a little better, grab at little moments a lot more and maybe am alive a tad more.  I would not say it has been a transformative experience but then maybe it is. Who knows?

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