Being the Rebel

Nature made you unique because it needs your originality to actualize itself. Culture normalizes you to be a copy as it needs your conformity to maintain itself.

You were born to dwell in true freedom. Your calling was to give yourself such a big dream that it scared your passions. Your creed was to walk with head held high and to take all of you wherever you went. Yet you kept crouching in humility, was defensive of your make, acted small.

However pawns when they step across their designated files, threaten the kings.

Now is the moment then, to adopt your true destiny of being the confident weird, the proud unique, the left of center, the perpetual outsider, the unapologetic misfit, the authority challenger, the trouble maker.

So muster courage to wear your vulnerabilities, practise your craft & live your art. Stare them in the eye to call their bluff. Break free from the trap of social expectations.Let go of adopted routine to rejoice in the organic random. Be Bold. Be unpredictable. Be the dodge.

Junk the subtractors, first. Quit the job you hate, people who negate, dogma that grates.

Open your heart then to embrace the risk of loving, despite rejection, hoping inspite of pain and trying even in failure. Be Kind. Be Velvet. Be Steel.

Don’t buy first feelings. Auction yourself to deepest emotions.

Train your mind to act on behalf of something bigger than yourself. Be ready to fall for things you believe in. Trust the bounce to bring you back.

Keep Moving. Never apologize. Never settle.

Come home to who you were before the world told you who to be.

Be yourself.

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