Be the child: ( #BeTheChild)

We grow out of childhood whether the child in us wants to grow up or not.

Carrying adult concerns what if we got a chance to recreate some of the magic of our lost childhood. What if we rediscovered some of its innocence, its insouciance and its fun. What if we really got to live some moments without any of the usual heavy baggage that we routinely shoulder. With that thought in mind I decided to give myself a #bethechild challenge.

The method to do that had to be simple (as things are uncomplicated with kids). So I promised myself 5 micro-actions a day, for 3 days

Micro Actions are not some complex, philosophical, new year doable type of items. They are small moments that you steal from your routine to live fully. They are just that little off-beat tracks to break the daily rhythm and jolt our cognition.

These actions can be towards oneself: sensory moments/breathing/slowing down/relaxation or towards others in form of empathy/kindness/praise/encouragement/outreach or just pure fun: listening intently,singing loudly in shower/wearing different socks/walking backwards/wearing an eye patch or any random thing that catches your fancy..

I am doing this and it is wholesome fun. You can read my experiences on my timeline or on #bethechild hashtag.

Now I challenge you to take #bethechild challenge as well.

Just choose your moments for three days, list them and go for it. You can use hastag #bethechild to share your daily choices and your experiences.

Share this post with all your friends and challenge them to take the #bethechild challenge as well.  Invite them, cajole them to this play. This world needs as many kids as it can get.

So the point is would you keep behaving like a grown up or would you know how to intermittently let go and let yourself #bethechild.

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