Avenging our Martyrs

What can India do now in terms of its strategy, to counter China’s rise and its territorial moves.

Because all strategic thinking is oriented towards gaining material or positional advantage, so in my view India will have to engage in both aggressive and defensive games depending on its current material and position to counter the Chinese state.

Let’s start with our defensive game first. Since militarily we have a materials disadvantage with them ( they spend 3.5 times more than us), so on this front we must defend well. Hence military defences on borders should be further fortified with modern infra and latest equipment.

Also it is a given that they will come back for more territory, so we must be forever ready for their next foray. We must make these adventures costly for them by maximising casualties on their side. The only way to protect ourselves well on ground is by amplifying their cost of invasion.

Next India can use these 7 weapons of hybrid warfare to gain long term position and material vis a vis China.

1. Trade ( impose punitive taxes on Chinese imports. They will be hurt more in comparison to us because current trade surplus is in their favor)

2. Investments (close sectors of economy for Chinese investments, contract participation ….even if we need money or expertise to grow it should not be Chinese money or their technology)

3. Economy ( set target and grow ourselves to $10 trillion by 2035. This to me is our  biggest material play)

4. Alliances ( create new security and trading blocs to block china’s positions…. wean our neighbours by sustained concessions including Pak from china’s orbit, engage deeper with US and other western countries where sentiment is anti China currently, fortify Indian Ocean trade routes by joint maritime patrols)

5. Information ( conduct massive propoganda operations in Mandrin on Chinese platforms against their state targeting their citizens. Also protect our user data from Chinese counter operations by data localisation legislations)

6. Assets ( bring back Tibet issue and use Dalai Lama as a strategic asset to embarrass China, extend support to Hong Kong nationalists etc)

7. Liberties: (Fortify our Democracy, cement our social divisions and promote our civil freedoms to hand them out as our global calling card. A tolerant democratic branding against a despotic regime is our biggest and best long term positional play).

And finally yes let’s uninstall Tiktok too !!

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