An Alien Transcript

Omege, we are sending you this report from the periphery of a blue planet in faraway star system about 137 million light years away from home. We are witnessing something very interesting going on here: a linear vertebra specie that calls itself “the wise one” or homo sapien is committing quick genocide and slow suicide at the same time on this planet they call their home.

General, to give you an idea of the extent of carnage going on, their planet rotates on its axis at a 23.5 degree tilt and within its one rotation, which lasts for 24 hours of their time, this specie:

1) destroys 216,000 acres of rainforest that gives them environment balance.
2) releases 13 million tons of toxic chemicals into the same environment.

Taken together, they are polluting their ecosystem on one hand and wiping out its renewing capacity on the other. So the suicide plan seems to be, to work daily on destroying their habitation, from both sides.

However they realize that this is an indirect route and might take couple of generation to wipe everybody out. To supplement it then, they are actively driving to extinction, 130 plant and animal species within the same time cycle.

This again seems tangential to their death wish so General , more directly, they are also starving 45,000 of their own specie with 35,000 of them being their young, again in every rotation cycle of 24 hours.

They have created an economic system called capitalism that justifies it and a legal/moral system that authorizes this. However being clever, they have also given themselves a deniability cover. They call it the humanitarian aid.

General , a fact which strikes me as singular for its display of their irrationality is: These Humans spend 60 billion of their currency ( dollar) on buying ice cream, in time it takes them to travel around their star ( they call it a year) and within same time period contribute only 22 billion to save lives and help those who are dying. It is funny how their world works.

So in case if you want to send forces to take over the planet under our benign empire, we would have to do it now, before they wipe out everything. Kindly advise on the next steps.

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