Alice in Wonderland

Last night I had a dream.

I dreamt that in a world religion conference, all attending clerics agreed that till foreseeable future, earth would remain a multi-religious planet. Armed with this acceptance, it was resolved that all religions would henceforth compete on civil liberties and community development agendas, instead of quibbling over their religious identities.

As a result, the leaders of these communities, stopped delivering incendiary sermons around how they and their brethren had been prosecuted, through history and how they should always be ready for attack, to defend themselves.

Like someone had flipped a switch, the new narratives emanating from pulpits, podiums, loud speakers and keyboards was how poverty can be eradicated, women empowered, youth-directed away from violence to production, freedom of speech implemented for general population.

Imagine my dreamy surprise when I heard person on the street, condemning all right wing ideology as divisive. They professed to still believe in their individual faiths however they had also come to realize, that humanity could be the only religion to unite everybody. Person after person testified that along with rituals of their own faith, they had started to consciously practice, kindness and compassion, as humanity rituals.

Some effortless future time travel later, I landed in an era when peace and harmony prevailed and there was no more starving, striving or killing going on. Our world was whistling a love song.

All of a sudden and to my great surprise, a frail familiar old man appeared out of nowhere. He adjusted his round spectacles, leaned on his staff and with an impish twinkle in his eyes, inquired”Hey ! Who are you and what are you doing in my dream”.

I awoke with a start and a smile.

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