A Designer Life

Once a drunk came to the master and wanted to enter the monastery. Other disciples were horrified when Master was willing to allow that to happen.

However he asked the drunk “Why do you drink.”.

The man said” This reality is not satisfying. I wanted a different life. There is just too much pain and negativity in it”.

Master smiled” So you have a script for life and life does not follow your instructions. However do you know that nature wants to become conscious of itself, through you. So first it tries to make you conscious of yourself. All this pain and negative emotions that you get are an effort in that direction.”

Man was not sure what master meant. Looking at his confused expression, master elaborated:

“What interferes with your becoming conscious are your childhood traumas and your current fears. You deal with them with any of the 3 mistaken techniques: sweep them away believing they will disappear, try to escape them by drinking etc, act them out by creating drama . However life brings them back to you repeatedly so that you can process them and integrate them. Once you do that you will be liberated of them. So you see life tries to nudge you towards higher consciousness by bringing these negative experiences to your current state of consciousness so you can process them.”

“So how do we process these emotions, master”, the man asked.

“ By experiencing them now…. fully and bodily. By not trying to escape them. These are not pleasant experiences but they are necessary experiences. You have designed an inauthentic life around bypassing them instead of living through them. That will need to change as you allow all those unitegrated emotions to surface in your present and honor them by going through the experience as they are presented to you. As you move through these experience, repeatedly by being present in them, they get integrated”.

“And how do we know they are integrated and past will no longer interfere with our present” man asked.

Master smiled “that’s simple. When these experiences are no longer presented to you for integration”

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