9 Ugly Political Truths

1) Fundamentally politics is not about wrong or right actions but about power grab. Morals will get customary lip service but ruthless power play will always guide action of all participants.

When Aspiring for Power:

2) Politicians always want to keep populations rattled and divided. A settled and educated population is very hard to govern. To divide people they will use race, caste, ethnicity, language, region, religion or any other division that they can come up with. Divide and rule is preferred as uniting and leading is tough.
3) In developing countries, mandates are not won upon who has policies to bring progress but who looks reliable when he promises progress. It is a game of optics and projection not concrete plans and strategies.
4) A politician is never responsible for any promise that he makes during any campaign. He will never be audited or held accountable by data driven performance review.
5) Bad behavior is often good politics as is narrow parochialism.

When in Power:

6) Legislative business of any govt is guided by and geared towards, benefiting elites and people who fund election campaigns. The poor and middle class will always be talked about but consideration for them will never be central, when policies are framed. For real changes, revolutions are needed, not govt policies.
7) A Govt will never tell the truth unless it suits them. It will lie, cheat, spy, arrest, keep under surveillance and even murder, activists and NGOs who endeavor to question those truths or try to get to the other side of the official story.
8) Any Govt or politician in power, has huge stake in controlling ongoing narratives around their policies and actions and will use blatant propaganda even outright media censorship to keep those narratives uniform.
9) Govts and politicians will purposely create mass spectacles like hangings/wars/land, water or resource conflicts/live enemies to keep populations engaged and distracted from real issues.

Game of power or Politics, by its innate nature thus, is a dirty game of tyranny, control and sleaze.

The only rational choice for any citizen, in such a situation, is not to choose the politician who projects promise of maximum growth but one who appears to have potential of minimum harm.

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