9 Indian Specialties

Fact 1: Only 47% homes in India have a toilet yet 73% have a mobile connection.

Conclusion : We are more social than physical.

Fact 2: You need to be at least a graduate to get a clerical govt job but you can be rank illiterate to make laws for the land.

Conclusion: Breaking a law is often education enough for making it.
Fact 3: Pissing is accepted in public kissing is not.

Conclusion: A bird facing the wall is better than two in the bush.

Fact 4: There is no sex education in schools but being a nation of 122 cr we cannot be called sexual illiterates either.

Conclusion: We are born naturals.

Fact 5: Everyone remains in hurry but no one reaches on time.

Conclusion: Late is only for the dead. Living ultimately show up.

Fact 6: People would kill for their holy books but wouldn’t bother reading them.

Conclusion: Illiteracy is when you cant read. Ignorance is when you wont.

Fact 7: Since independence not one convicted politician has ever served his full jail term.

Conclusion: Corruption is how envious define “perks of a public job”

Fact 8: Priyanka Chopra earned more money playing Mary Kom than Mary Kom earned in her career as a boxer.

Conclusion: When there is nothing much to cheer about, cheerleaders get payed very well.

Fact 9: Cows are cherished as mothers whereas 5 lac female fetuses are murdered in womb annually.

Conclusion: Motherhood is revered but not respected.

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