7 Tweets

Here are seven tweets from my twitter handle @primate2sapien from last week or so. Follow it now for daily update and original takes on world, national events and human issues as they unfold. 

1) Any one can be an artist. Most people however do not put effort behind their passion and just settle on having affairs.

2) In politics the smallest distance between two points is traversed through two parallel lines, which meet off the page.

3) The first recorded fake news in India was Ashwatthama mara gaya !! It’s editor was the Lord Himself.

4) Ghosts and Gods are invisible. To be a man you have to either speak up or push back.

5) To experience full impact of a force you have to go against it. #Trump makes you feel the strong forward push of evolution.

6) The worst effect of #demonetization is yet to come. Robert Vadra might actually enter politics.

7) Time spent with people over 70 and under 7 is always an investment.

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