7 Rules for a family

1) We are a team and our motto like the 3 Musketeers is “One for all and all for one”. No one gets left behind. Ever.

2) We accept each other as we are. We do not try to change or stoop to critique, each other.

3) We keep our word. If something is committed we do it. Trust is too important to be broken, even once.

4) Hugs are soul food. No one is too old to give or receive them.

5) We share power. Unless everyone is empowered there is no family. Elders do not get to override each other or the kids.

i. Everyone has one vote on day to day issues like where to eat, what to watch, what to listen and there is a policy of rotation. If you got your play today the other gets a chance next time.
ii. Things which play to strengths of a family member are left to them to execute.
iii. There is a veto possible by elders in matters of extreme importance however it is rarely used as even then the methodology is to reason.

6) When disputes arise or situations lead to conflict we acknowledge the differences and negotiate with each other to settle. If we are wronged, we forgive. It is the family,stupid !!

7) Family dinner table is sacrosanct. Real conversation happens there. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited.

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