7 Everyday Life Lessons

1) Don’t just bet on mindful eating for a balanced diet. Play hide and seek with sweet and fat items in your fridge.

2) Save a predefined part of monthly income by automatic withdrawals or good EMI set ups. 70:30 is a good consumption to savings ratio at any income level. Also never, never consume on credit or its card.

3) Be financially planned for major events in life like education, marriage, medical needs, deaths, retirement for yourself or your near ones. Overall there are about 5-10 major events that you need to put specific funds aside for. Do it diligently and keep those funds safely invested till the situation demands their release.

4) Never pass by a full garden without collecting a small souvenir for a loved one.

5) Put the phone down, blink away from the computer screen as your loved ones bid for your attention by hovering around, addressing you or doing something they want you to get up and intervene with. Then listen actively for the sake of listening to understand. Consciously hold back on the two barriers to being a good listener: hurrying to respond or wanting to judge.

6) Practice micro actions of kindness that are not premeditated. Participate in a random smile, collaborate in enthusiasm with a child, unleash a compliment, keep a door ajar for someone else to pass, cheer loudly for someone’s accomplishments.

7) Say “Thank you” at last once a day for being alive, for gifts of nature and culture that surround you, for family and its wellbeing and for any love and affirmation that you have received.

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