30 Medals in Olympics

At stroke of second Indian medal in Rio Olympics one needs to plan how to create a funnel which will regularly yield Olympic medals.This means creating an institutional framework which will catch and nurture sporting talent.

Now India has one such dysfunctional body in IOA ( Indian Olympics Association). However lesser we speak of its achievements in last 30 years the better. One of favorite Indian sport among all citizens is ranting about IOAs apathy and callousness.

This post however goes beyond and offers 7 concrete suggestions on how to galvanize our sporting achievements:

1) Set a target of 10 medals for 2020 Olympics and 30 medals for 2024.

2) Privatize management of IOA through a bidding system. Let Pvt. Operators make presentations of their visions and whoever looks credible to achieve the set targets should be awarded the contract. The award being cancel-able in case intermittent targets are not met.

3) per zone set up at least one specialised and Pvt hospital for sports medicine and a rehab centres for injured athletes and sportspeople

4) Create an incentive system( monetary and non monetary) for sportspeople for winning and articulate those beforehand. Others who might not win but meet a preset international standard should at least be guaranteed a career.

5) announce tax breaks for people who contribute or earn from sporting activities ( except cricket ). Also create a tax free fund ( like NGOs) to be utilized for import of quality training equipment and coaching staff.

6) invite corporate to sponsor various sports and sportsperson in return for publicity and branding.

7) Hire a PR agency for creating social media campaigns around the training, achievements and life stories of various sports people and athletes. A nation engaged is a great motivator.

If India has to compete with other nations in sporting arena our sports infrastructure and funding plan has to improve dramatically and these 7 steps would go a long way in taking us there.

Finally India should seriously plan and bid for 2028 Olympics.That is when our target should be winning 50 Olympics medals as its host.

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