“Master yesterday you mentioned that we should question everything that we hear, read or see. All text books, religious books give us knowledge that is either factual or comes from long tradition of knowledge and traditions. So why is it that we should question them. Wouldn’t our time be better served if we followed instead of questioning them”? A discipline wanted to know.

Master was his normal non hurried self. He replied in his melodious soft voice “Following something without understanding it, is orthodoxy. Understanding something and not following it is lethargy.

Now if you want to understand anything the ready tool is, to question it, being skeptical about it. The doors of understanding remain shut normally and open only upon persistent questioning.

“However master, how can one question faith without being a heretic and no one other than scientists have knowledge enough to question science?” the disciple wanted to know.

“My suggestion is hold nothing sacrosanct upon external authority. Unless you upon persistent questioning come to a personal conclusion about its righteousness, hold everything as best, as a working hypothesis. Treat it as a version of truth subject to updation even if it is written in a sacred book.

Science falls under the same category. It is work in progress; with its each advancement achieved, when it catches its own lie. As about scientific questioning, knowledge is not the handicap there, curiosity is.

“ So is there nothing master, that we should accept without questioning?” Another discipline wanted to know.

“Actually there is something” The master smiled. “Accept every situation that life brings to your consciousness without questioning. Do not question the suffering, stammer, anxiety, poverty, predation, traffic jam, malaria, office politics, martial difficulties that you are subjected to, in your lifetime.

“Master why is that?” the first disciple asked a little dazed.

“Remember life’s calculus is aimed to push you towards expanded consciousness. Tell me ..when you want somebody who is self absorbed to pay attention, how do you get them to listen? You ping them with a strong message, something that they cannot ignore. Thus first know that all problems you face are life’s attention seeking technique.

Next the reason you should not question them is that life’s calculation is always perfect. It doesn’t do any erroneous arithmetic and sends you a wrong situation to face. Infact you get the exact problem that you need, every time, for your benefit. So even if you do not understand it yet, do not question it.

Do not say why me….or what have I done to deserve this. Instead accept it and say “ I in my limited knowledge may want something else but you in your infinite wisdom will still send me that which I really need. So even though I do not understand why you have made me ill or have taken away a loved one or kept me poor but I am sure you have done your calculation right and if I find a solution to it or make peace with it, you would grant me an expanse of consciousness that I need as the next step in my evolutionary journey.”

Master concluded his session saying thus: “True wisdom then is to question everything that world promises and accept everything that life brings”

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